Top 3 Android TV Box to Choose From


Geniatech has been one of the most popular companies that have been in the game for several years now. This versatile company develops highly advanced and ground-breaking android tv boxes that are all the rage in the market. If you are also thinking of buying an android tv box for your entertainment experience and are looking for something that suits your needs, worry not. Geniatech has a range of devices from which you are sure to find something you’ll love.

To help you further in this matter, we have narrowed down our choice to the top three most innovative devices which are given below. Read carefully till the end to make your choice!

1. Nextgen ATSC3.0 Android Dual STB

The Nextgen ATSC3.0 Android Smart Tv Box is the newest addition to Geniatech’s line of Android TV boxes. This powerful compact little box is the first to back 2 input ATSC3.0 signals, which is able to give the user an improved audio-visual experience. The android box also utilizes MPEG4 for video channels over 2160p4K resolution at an impressive 120 frames per second. Additionally, the Nextgen ATSC3.0 Android Smart Tv Box accommodated the reception of the dual-channel signal, letting you tape additional TV programs while watching live ones. And with its superior performance and extremely low power consumption, this 4K HD tv box is perfect for any home theater setup.

2. S905X4 Android TV Box

This high-performance media player provides the user with an amazing 4k visual experience. You can freely install various applications and software and watch the shows you like. The TV box features numerous interfaces and is extremely profitable. The mesmerizing audio permits the music and sound to engulf the viewers and listeners in a 3D space. The double antenna wi-fi plus the two bands deliver the user extensive signal broadcasting and minimal intrusion, at an extremely high rate of 440-Mbps. The TV box also supports Bluetooth 5.0 which allows for larger broadcast data and avoids damage to the rate caused by the frequency band intrusion. Lastly, it comes with personalized customization options to make it your own.

3, 4k Android TV Set-top Box (ATV698)

Introducing the 4k android TV set-top box (ATV698) by Geniatech. This box supports 4K Ultra HD video, providing more realistic colors and vibrant images. The Quad-core ARM Cortex-A55 GPU gives Ultra High Performance and Ultra-low Power Consumption while supporting mobile screen projection to meet your multi-scene use needs. The Rich Interface is user-friendly and easy to use. Additionally, the High-Cost Performance and support for a Variety of Digital TV Receptions make this an excellent value. Lastly, the set-top box can support Bluetooth Voice Remote Control and Personalized Customization of the interface, apps, and settings. The Remote Device Management System makes it easy to keep track of your devices.


Every one of the above-listed devices is one of a kind and offers a ton of features to its users. When shopping for android boxes for your TVs make sure to keep in mind what your needs and priorities are. This will help you in finding the right devices that will provide you with the kind of entertainment that you want. So don’t wait for another sunrise and shop for an android tv box now!


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